DAY 112


One day like today, one year ago, Malú passed away

This is one of the last photos I took of my precious friend. I remember it was early in the morning, I was writing or reading in my terrace and I saw her sitting down in the dinning room table... I don´t know why, in that precise instant -looking at her and at her sister, who was by my side- I thought: here there are some of my path mates

I got hold of the camera and took a few pictures, a week later or so, she got ill and she died. I could hardly imagine at that moment, how true this affirmation was

Indeed she was a kindred spirit who taught me a lesson about death (and life) that I wouldn´t have learnt otherwise

Note: Malú was a cancer survivor during one year and eight months, even when the prognosis wasn´t good after her first surgery. She died of a kidney and heart failure, probably due to metastasis. She was perfectly "healthy" and lively till the day she was to the vet because she didn´t want to eat. She passed away four days later and stayed at home her last day and night

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Leslie said...

It's so difficult to lose our furry friends, but they do teach us many lessons, don't they?

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