DAY 365+51

in my kitchen 

you will find sun rays, 

shelves filled with boxes of lasagna sheets,
unmatched pieces of chinaware, jars with spices
and two or three bottles of different types of olive oil

biscuits, dark chocolate and many blends of tea:
black chai, earl grey, english breakfast... you name it
infusion sachets and crackers

seeds, nuts, herbs and dietary supplements
honey, agave syrup, my old glassware, bottles of red wine
fruits, veggies and chips packs

lots of bowls, big and small; white and colored,
many utensils (like baking molds) that I rarely utilize,
beautiful, embroidery, serviettes
that I use only from time to time
and when I want to photograph some still lifes

it´s not a the kitchen of a gourmet,
it´s not the kitchen of a perfect house wife,
it´s not the kitchen of an expert in healthy eating,
(even when sometimes I secretly envy those who are so)

it´s the kitchen of a person who has many things to do,
who prefers to pile up the dishes in the sink
and go outside to capture a tree blooming or read a book,

it´s the kitchen of a person who has finally understood that eating is about enjoying, about sharing, about spreading gentleness,
about finding light in the ordinary things
not about being conform with any established standard related to diet 

So in my kitchen you will also find conversations and snacks while cooking, 
fresh bread and marine salt,
simple meals made with a dose of love

...and some paws prints of this little apprentice
who curiously observes what happens around

Simple things Sunday


Sherri B. said...

It sounds like the perfect kitchen... :)

What a beautiful photo!! That face is so sweet...

Carola Bartz said...

That cat is so cute!
Your kitchen sounds a lot like mine. One thing that is almost always there is fresh bread, the darker the better. And hibiscus tea!

Sarah Huizenga said...

I think your kitchen sounds like a wonderful place. Love all your tea choices.

Life with Kaishon said...

Your kitchen sounds like a perfect kitchen to me! A lot like mine. I LOVE your kitty.

J said...

That's lovely. Makes me want a kitchen like that too :)

Laurie said...

It is a lovely kitchen, and one I would love to visit!! I am all about goodness coming from your kitchen, and it sounds like you have no problems with that;)

Teri said...

That is a perfect kitchen just as life should be!

Patrice said...

Looks like my Pecan!

Anonymous said...

Lovely post and wonderful photo of an adorable cat ^_^

Optimistic Existentialist said...

What a beautiful kitchen :)

Barbara Schwartz said...

I'll bring the treats
When can we meet?

Marcie said...

I think I love your kitchen - :-)!!!

shirley said...

Aww, lovely kitty and well, your kitchen says it all... Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Simply wonderful!!

Nancy Claeys said...

You just described my life basically. Gorgeous cat in the kitchen. xo

Sandra said...

Such a sweet cat portrait!

geetlee said...

Ohh the kitty is so cute :)
I love the sound of your kitchen, it sounds exactly like mine!

thomas said...

The kitten looks very alert and playful.

Aga Gasiniak said...

Hi Zena. It is so good to catch up with your blog. I love 'in your kitchen' for words and photo as well. Beautiful and warm post. I hope you are well. Love to you.

ben buckle said...

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