DAY 12

honor your masters

My dear cat Malú, passed away in february. She was 13 years old and  left a sister of the same age, a great sense of emptiness and the sweetest memories. Apart from many valuable teachings 

Today I´ve adopted a new playful kitty who comes home to bring us (my husband, my aged cat and me ) new moments of joy

It´s not a new stage, is just a logical "sequel" of our stories. But before becoming absorbed in this new episode, I want to write down why Malú was so important in my life 

She stayed at home her last days and showed me that death can be faced with serenity and acceptation. It´s hard to explain but I´m quite sure she knew she was dying and decided to say good-bye to her life joyfully. She had been a cat with a strong character but those days the only thing I saw was tranquility and love. I think I will never forget the way she looked at me during her last hours 

Later on, I understood that this was only the culmination of a life filled with little signs of wisdom. Weeks after her death, I wrote down some of her teaching trying to find some relief. They have become more meaningful as months have gone by. Here are some of them:

The present moment is always the best
The little everyday rituals give sense to life
You´re never too old to play
Don´t look down on what you already have and welcome the unexpected
Respect the rhythm of your body is a sacred task
Keep true to yourself is a duty
Breath deeply and flow with the day


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Rubén Romero Toledo said...

We have to learn so much from our brothers the animals, they are spontaneous not judge you by how you are, just accept you. They do not care if you're rich or poor, if you work hard, or you throw it all away.

They do not understand laws and are their own masters.
They're just there for the sole purpose of making you happy.

Give them your love and they will give their heart.

Is it so hard to understand?

The connection from a pet and its owner, is an invisible bond, a bond indestructible, that hold them together for life, and that unconditional love is indestructible and feeds on itself.

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