DAY 522

it has gone
   One day one wakes up and feels that something has changed.

It is just an ordinary day:

the same house, the same walls, the same cracked sheets of glass in the windows; 
the same shaky doors,
the same old self still expectant...

But something in the quality of light, in the peace of the air, in a defiant gaze or a daring gesture shows that something has been moved.

Something has been closed,
something has been finished,
something has been overcome:

a moment, a season or cycle;
a story, a phase or a mission,
a mistaken belief,
an antique mindset;
an age that was brief
or has lasted too much.

Old patterns has been stored, 
the soul has been restored to its place,
all the grief has come to its end,
all tears has been shed already.

It´s time to conclude.

No more regrets,
no more mourning.

The wounds have been honored,
the healing is on the way.

It´s time to let go the past.

End of the story.

PS: These photos were taken at an art installation. The artist (José Herrera) used an old uninhabited house and told a story about light, silence and solitude. He created something quite interesting and somehow perturbing. I visited it on Wednesday with two good girl friends and while I was going over the photos, I suddenly came up with the previous text...


Jeanne said...

This is just beautiful, and then the letting go part is something that is so hard for so many. Lovely shots. I have been missing your wonderful posts for awhile... will have to do some catch up on your wisdom

Susan said...

So wonderful, I just felt myself let go! Beautifully written!

Cathy H. said...

Letting go is hard, but so necessary! We have many wonderful moments still to live!

Aga Gasiniak said...

Great photographs! Stunningly captured spaces! and Beautifully written words!

Julie Jordan Scott said...

Such a lovely, empty home. I enjoy the play with light and then your poem's play with light as well.

Words, with light.

Light, with words and images.


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