2014 in photos and words

Every year I take tons of photos and I only publish a handful of them. Some of the reasons why this occurs is because I have no time to edit them all or I link their publication to a blog post so they have to fit the story (or vice versa), because I am prone to keep some in order to use them in future projects and also, because I usually reject those which for a reason or another I don´t find passable. To be honest, my opinion regarding this last issue is not always reliable as I am extremely perfectionist, but I apply my own criteria anyway. 

Consequently, it happens that at the end of the year I have thousands of photos that haven´t been brought to the light and most of them will remain always in my files.

I already have come to terms with this, I know photography is part of a more complex practice but  I often think I should rescue a few and  I have finally done it.

There are not the best, nor the more meaningful. They are just photos that caught my eye while I was going over my files… maybe because they contain the essence of this year.

In fact, this year 


I exerted myself to find a happy medium and expressed gratitude for both darkness and clarity 

I allowed myself to feel amazed by everyday beauty and ordinary miracles

I accepted that masters and angels come in all forms and accepted guidance

I learnt about the nature of human relationships

I dared to fly and felt free

I cultivated my creativity and treasured delicacy

I gone with the flow and abandoned old resistances

I experienced sweetness and felt lucky

I grew and learnt my lessons even when it hurts

I got to know new friends and welcomed new experiences

I felt valued and respected and created new good memories

I thought about ageing and death and have -almost- come to terms with them

I appreciated true friendship and the precious moments I share with old (and new) friends

I realized the awe-inspiring allure of life cycles

I focused on light and embraced joy

I smiled and loved and celebrated

I worked hard and planned new journeys

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Unknown said...

Beautiful year and beautiful Zena's world!

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