DAY 102

what do you wish people knew about you?

I´ve been planning for awhile to join Wishcasting Wednesday, but it seems I am always too late... so this week I decided to do it anyway, maybe because this week wish prompt resonates deeply with me and with this blog´s aim, wich initially started as a way to avoid invisibility (mainly related to my spiritual journey and the way I see the world nowadays)

As a person which has started to be aware of my spiritual insights a bit late in life, I have found difficult to combine my usual way of life and my previous commitments, with new perception and dreams. Even now, I have to challenge myself to make visible my spiritual dimenssion (and what it has provided me with, almost every single day)

So I wish people knew about the steps I have taken in order to honor -while learn to trascend- my own story

I wish people knew about all the beautiful things I have learnt throughout that journey

I wish people knew about how my struggles against my own shadows have led me to meet my true self

I wish people knew about how I have learnt to fear not

I wish people knew about how I have moved forward to joy and light

I wish people knew about the strong connection to universe guidance that I have developed through this process

And above all, I wish people to knew my capacity to help them to discover the beauty which lies in their own paths


Fiona Jones said...

I would love to know more about your journey to where you are now...there are so many questions I would love to ask you....

Fear is the thing I struggle with...the "what ifs

Whatever you write I will be reading :) xx

Gin said...

What a beautiful post - and a beautiful blog. I'll definitely be back to visit! As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you also.

Sam said...

Wonderful to see you Wishcasting, Zena! Honoring & transcending our own story is such an important step in our journey in this life - and such a liberating one!

As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you!! xx

Jamie Ridler Studios said...

As Zena wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

I'm so glad you decided to join the Wishcasting circle today. And how perfect to see this wish on your blog post, the very place where so many of these wishes can come true.

Welcome to Wishcasting.

Irene said...

You have honored your story by sharing your heartfelt wishes. Beautiful words, beautiful photos.

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