DAY 610

with gratitude

As this year comes to an end, I start to feel the need to review what it has given to  me, what I have learnt, what I have lost or accepted. However, as usual, my first step will be acknowledging what I am thankful for ... and there is not a  better day than today to begin to count my blessings, my little epiphanies, the small (or big) miracles that continue to occur in my life and the countless gifts.

I didn't grow up with this tradition of sharing what makes me feel gratitude although it is part of our Christian culture giving thanks to God for the good (and not so good) things, but this healing journey has made me embrace the idea of honoring my life through gratitude all year round and also in predetermined dates.

So here I am, ready for my own, personal, thanksgiving. No turkey or any other celebration, just this simple post as expression of gratitude.  To be honest, at this precise moment I have a huge list of things which I am grateful for, but if I had to mention just a few, I would choose the following:

- I am grateful for the person I have become. Sometimes, wind didn't seem to be blowing in the right direccion, but I have managed to arrive to a safe port where I can be the person I always knew I was aimed at being. This year I feel  this to be true more than ever before, and also I have the strong conviction that I am finally shinning with my own light

- I am grateful for my determination to be who I am, and for all the things that have come to meet me along 2016: for the clarity, the will, the boundaries and the authenticity, for my roots and my wings

- I am grateful for the incredible support that I have received from persons that I didn't even know a few years ago and now I call friends. It has made me realize the importance of what I have to offer to this world. And I am also thankful for all the persons (friends or not)  that along this year have reached me to whisper some way or another, "you are good enough"

- I am grateful for having listened my own inner voice and for defending my criteria in so many areas of my life along this year, either the professional life, the way I teach my student, my options at university or the decisions I have made regarding my mother's welfare, my relatioships, my creativity or my personal growing. I know this has helped me to build the life I truly want, that which made sense to my true essence

- I am grateful for this precious life of mine, because even with its ups and down, it is interesting and filled with love, kindness and dreams, and because I now feel that I have learnt to trust it fully

- And last -but not least- I am grateful for this tiny spot in the universe. And for all you.

Much Love dear friends and Happy Thanksgiving to those who celebrate it,



windrock studio said...

I am grateful for you, your wings and roots, and so very proud of you.
Happy non turkey Thanksgiving to you & yours.

Jennifer Richardson said...

Zena, this is so very touching.
I'm grateful, so much, for you
and your own unique beautiful heart.
Thanks for all the beauty that you share,

Unknown said...

This is so beautiful, Zena! Shining with your own light! Yes!! Hear the whispers and the shouts, "You are good enough!" And you are MORE than that! Wishing you continued growth, gratitude, strength, and shiny light that is yours, uniquely yours. Love and blessings to you, beautiful soul! So glad to see you on your blog. πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ’•πŸ’•

Linda said...

Wonderful post! Being grateful helps to make us happier and healthier, I think. Happy New Year to you and warm greetings from Montreal, Canada. :)

Optimistic Existentialist said...

Gratitude can make all the difference in life...

martin said...

I'm so glad you liked one of my pictures on instagram because otherwise I would never have found you.
You may have a lot of people say that your words resonate for them and I'm now one of them.
I may be reading something in your words that isn't there but they do seem to tell my continuing story too.
So thank you for being willing to share your thoughts and your struggles, you've just made me feel less alone.
I'll look forward to reading more as and when you post.
It takes a lot of courage to stop running and turn and face your demons head on, well done.

Keep fighting.


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