DAY 101

growing authentic

I ´ve always thought a lot about the nature of beauty and it´s relationship with time (don´t know exactly why), but  since I have developed my love for photography, I do it even more: looking at the world through a lense reveals a strange magnificence that we hardly notice without it

It seems to me that beauty is not inversally proportional to time, as our culture seems to suggest, on the contrary, it´s directly proportional to it

Beauty that doesn´t defy time, is not true beauty, is just an illusion (... an illusion often called youth). Because beauty, according to my opinion, doesn´t lie in 
faultless  perfection, it lies in a sort of harmony which manages to tolerate decline without losing grace

1 comment:

jojo said...

extremely true. beautifully said. ( i found your blog via Flickr ). love this image!

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