DAY 103

Oh... how much I love serendipitous moments!

... moments that happen when I walk around looking for inspiration (for something that animate me with a new feeling of joy and the sense that I am rightly placed here and now) and I find a response just around the corner

Suddenly an event occurs by chance and I -paradoxically- realize that indeed, there are not coincidences

Our lives don´t evolve on a whim, all the steps of this dance is extremely timely and are not based on random choices -as they seem to be-, they are not arbitrary, but carefully planned

This unexpected capture brought me back a deep sense of connection, of purpose -maybe because it talked to me about many things that I love- and somehow, made me understand that this sort of moments that drive me to celebrate life as it is, is where awareness is born...

This instant gave way to the next as soon as I noticed it but while I was observing this seated lady with her book, I felt a sparkling sense of gratitude for a kind universe that shows me -in a happy way- that my life is not erratic

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