DAY 362

inner flowering

The metaphor of the secret garden has been used many times to describe our inner space. It´s meant to remind us that there is always a fragrant and beautiful area inside us that remains in flower the whole year. This is a place where we can go to get inspiration, to have a rest or just to find our true selves. So, in theory, when we go inside we discover  a peaceful landscape where we can calm down ourselves, where our inner dialogue become more gentler and our vision becomes softer and wiser

When outer life is chaotic we usually feel the urge to go inside to take refuge. However this doesn´t mean that we will be able to 
come across this sweet place. Indeed, many of us have found withered leaves, weeds choking the rosebushes, and impenetrable vegetation preventing the light to come in. We have found contradictory feelings, anger and obsession... 

The reason why this happens is because our inner space is designed as a sort of labyrinth that challenges us to examine our life in detail for the purpose of explanation and interpretation

Our longing for light makes us to come in, but if we run away once we see that problems won´t be  solved automatically, we are not going to experience any advance. In fact, the haven of peace we are looking for is the core of the garden, the place where we meet the divinity inside us, but to reach that place we must move through many other levels and make our work inside them

According to this, the first time we enter this new mood and we feel the need to explore our inner space, we only gain access to the first circle of our garden, the one who is deeply influenced by outer experiences.  
We have to stay inside and tidy up this first chamber in order to move forward. You may wonder what kind of "cleaner" should be used. I have no doubt about this: acquiescence, the ability to accept things as they are

Acquiescence will make room for great things to come, but it won´t do it if you are not able to deal with your arrogance and pride: if you want to go over your inner space while using them as a shield, you won´t m
ake any progress. This path is about discovering your power and you won´t do it if you are not able to let go your need to control life, if you are not able to admit truth, if you need to keep your expectations at any cost and you don´t tolerate failures 

It has taken me time to understand this, it has taken me time to realize that this kind of nonresistance was the sword I was looking for, but one I did it  I have started to discover blooming places inside

And calm reigns now where before there was only confusion


Allyssa said...

Beautifully written.

Anonymous said...

this is really beautiful! the post and the self-portrait!

Leanne Barnett said...

This is lovely, image & words.

Anonymous said...

I really appreciate this post. I have been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You’ve made my day! Thx again

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