DAY 200

keeping good company

Finally, this morning I had the opportunity of taking this photo. It is part of the 52 project I am sharing with this group, whose week´s theme is pets

This is my cat, Miel, she is fourteen years old, and she is living with me since she was two months age. She came to my house with her sister (they both born at one time),  who passed away a year ago. Since November there is a new kitty living with us, because Miel was so downhearted after her sister´s death, that my vet said she could become seriously ill, and this was the last option we tried. Luckily, it worked

I´ve been waiting all week long to take a photo of my cats that really illustrates my relationship with them. Unfortunately, it´s not easy to take a picture of my both cats (this was my initial idea) because the youngest one only wants to play when they are together

Anyway, I think that this is the photo I was looking for...

My job allows me to work at home at least once a week. Most of the times, I must get up to date with papers of my students; my correspondence and so on. So I have to spend many hours in my studio, sometimes from morning to night. Even when I like the chance to stay at home, because it allows me to do things at my own pace, it can be also a very solitary work, but my cats are always around me - 
no matter how long my working day can be- and this makes it much lighter 

Sometimes, like in this photo, one of them is sleeping on my working table and the other one is sprawled on the sofa or even on the top of the book shelves, but they never leave me alone.

I don´t know how many hours we have spent "working together", but no doubt, it has been a great pleasure

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