DAY 201

a free morning at home is...

unhurried, slow and deliberate

an opportunity of moving around without haste or urgency

noiseless and peaceful

contemplative or lively

unassuming yet delightful

postponed ambitions and concerns

smooth sentiments, low voices

bird´s trills

clarity and light

room for creativity

the muffled sounds made by husband while preparing his coffe

playful cats

a calm mind estranged from its usual hectic thoughts

the smell of toasted bread

having time to leaf through a magazine or a book

tiny prayers and even tinier miracles

a happy cup of tea

a slight sense of freedom

naturalness: nor disguises nor masks

a chance to work at my own pace 

meaningful pauses and whispered prayers

a sort of gentle solitude 

uncluttered hours

a path to nowhere (and to everywhere)

soaring hopes

mild mood


I wish I could have a whole life made of this...


Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

Oh, these stolen moments! If we had them all the time, would we take them for granted and ruin the perfection?!

Sandra said...

Uncluttered hours - it sounds so wonderful - I always enjoy mine so much. Everything stands still and Life comes back into living!

Zhen_77 said...

At home anywhere. Is your little world, where you put the rules and live your life without ties, where you can relax and why not? be closer to yourself, close to everything you are is your little ecosystem.

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