DAY 39

the thankfulness path

The month of gratitude has ended and the final assessment couldn´t be more positive. Here are some of the things I´ve realized:

gratitude is an attitude, but can be also a daily practice

gratitude is gift,  but can be also an option

gratitude is an spontaneous reaction, but can be also a way of living

gratitude is a feeling, but can be also an ethic value

gratitude is a rash act, but can be also an empowerment tool

In sort, gratitude is a possibility, a miracle, but is also a need. Therefore, gratitude must be cultivated, it must be conciously and intentionally communicated and things that make us feel grateful must become evident, visible... and not only from time to time, but every single day.

1 comment:

Zhen_77 said...

Thank you for sharing with us your knowledge and wisdom.

I thank you for being you and for making our lives a magical moment.

Thanks for being such a "light" to feed our souls.

A big hug

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