DAY 40

december month of joy

We live in a society which is extremely concerned by pleasure. So we live under the influence of many factors which move us to seek it, regardless what is happening in our lives or its consequences. This pleasure has to do mainly with sensual satisfaction and enjoyment as opposite to necessity, work or effort and quite often is mistaken for joy

It seems to be that we must have a carefree life without duties. Even when this could be pleasant, it´s not real and not even desirable because what our world calls pleasure creates most of the times, shallowness, egoism and indifference

This, so called, pleasure is often based on consumerism and individualism so it´s not something we can´t get free... something that in the medium term, give us a sense of emptiness (in the huge meaning of the word) because its effects doesn´t last

Pleasure is not itself bad, in fact it is an important part of the human experience but we must reach that place where pleasure depends on our real perception of world and not on stimulus which indeed are unconnected with us, on needs created by market, ideology or any alien interest

This means that we won´t find joy in the way to pleasure, on the contrary, we will find pleasure in the way to joy. In other words, we must reach a place where pleasure depends on what make us truly happy and not momentarily satiated

When we experiment the most satisfaction in being ourselves and not a context product, and we connect with the depth of our own beingness we can say we have reached this place. Then, joy, a feeling that arises from within, will be invoked and things around us will give us a true, lasting, pleasure

Because joy flows when we recognize who we are, when we permit ourselves to follow our inner guidance and we stay focused on our own life and our own bliss. If we are always reaching for alignment with that, we won´t disappear into the pleasure seeking and we will discover that joy is self-created… it comes from finding ecstasy in living our lives as they are and being ourselves, not anyone else

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