DAY 15

how to be grateful


look around you

see all the things (either big or tiny) that enrich your life

don´t be trapped on a stereotyped idea of what is important and what is not: everything counts!

accept that the ordinary can be extraordinary

don´t expect miracles to happen... go and look for miraculous events that usually go unnoticed

find treasures and beauty even where other people only see trash or ugliness

be open, search, stay watchful and cultivate amazement

explore your talents and gifts and get in touch with your exquisite inner self from whom every act of gratitude comes from

don´t look only for results, focus also on process and lessons

appreciate the beautiful uniqueness of your experiences

And say thanks every single day of your life... as a mantra, as a prayer, as a song, as a promise, as a wail, as a praise...

1 comment:

Zhen_77 said...

Exactly, the attitude is everything!

"We are what we think"

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