DAY 14

November month of gratitude

These days I´ve been working in this projectwhich involves taking a least one photo a day in order to show gratitude. This is making me think how very important gratitude has been along my life. Once I started to say thanks instead of questioning my experiences, my whole life changed

Feeling thankful, not only for good things, nice events or the accomplishment of our purposes (which not doubt is the first step), but also for things that are not as we expected is not easy. We tend to feel gratitude when everything goes as planned but not when our wishes are frustrated. However, my experience tells me that if we patiently learn to say thanks regardless events or circumstances, our heart will be filled with joy. Obviously, this is a great challenge but it releases an amazing healing power

The first time I heard this thought I felt deeply offended: why on earth should I be grateful for something unpleasant?... but little by little (after seeking for happiness in vain) I started to understand the inner logical of this idea. It doesn´t mean one has to be happy with suffering, means one has to look for something to be grateful for even in moments of pain and sorrow. And also means one can feel grateful not only for the things themselves, but for learning and change too. Once I understood it, gratitude shown itself to be much easier than I thought

It´s all about saying thanks for any single, tiny, blessing (like this beautiful, delicious mandarin) instead of complaining about wrong things (even when they are indeed wrong)

Gratefulness has led me to my true path (when I let it do it) because it connected me with the natural flow of life. Through gratefulness I´ve cultivated acceptation, let go resistance and attachment and bowed down to my destiny. And last, but not least, I have learnt to focus on positive side of things

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Zhen_77 said...

I like to thanks you for bring us this awesome and different blog, brimming with good vibrations.

This is a brightly "reflection" about gratitude, is difficult to accept all those bad times, but as you say, we must to have to stay with the positive side of things.

Every day I appreciate being alive and having the opportunity to enjoy it, I appreciate all the tiny things that I will finding in my way, like the bad times, because everything is learned.

"Bad times can embitter one day, a week or three months, but remember the good times sweeten the rest of your life"

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