DAY 256


Leaving my mom´s house is always too hard. I use to visit her once every forty five days or so, and stay there for a few days or even a week depending on my work and the time of the year. However, no matter how long I can stay or how many things I can do, every time I have to come back to my house I feel extremely sad because I don´t live -like my siblings do- in a nearer place

This is the life we live, this is the life we have (mostly due to our own choices) and this is the life we should love, because changes are not so easy in this case and I should appreciate the moments we share instead of complaining about the moments we don´t share... and I do it, but not the first days after my departure. The first days I am prone to show resistance (I know...)

But this doesn´t do me a lot of good, so lately I am trying to change my attitude and at least, reduce the numbers of days that I usually stay feeling bad. In order to achieve this goal, I am implementing a simple, yet effective, strategy: I pay attention to all the nice things my mother has around to feed her spirit when I am away. They can be lovely plants in pots, herbal teas, a new book or pastime and so on

This makes me feel better, not only because these things make her life more pleasant, but also because I can use them to motivate my mother to be a bit busier. And having the chance of doing this while I am not with her makes me feel much more serene

Here: violet that my niece brought as a present and whose "health" will be an interesting theme of conversation the weeks ahead

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Jeanne said...

WELL skype is a very nice tool for a loved one who is not nearby. Bet your mom would have fun skyping with you on the computer. So nice to actually see each other. I have a dear friend whose only son lives in China and she talks to them every day and gets to "spend time" with her grandchildren. Perhaps you might have that opportunity.

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