DAY 255

the charming reinforcement

While I am at my mom´s house I always try to make new things either foods, activities or changes. I look for all the things that can be stimulating from a sensory and also intellectual viewpoint. So I introduce new meals that she and my brother don´t usually eat, I prepare tiny snacks along the day, use different dishes and bowls. Often I carry books or coloring books with me, we play games along the evening, and talk a lot. I also encourage them to change their routines a bit

It is all about variety (that according to the old saying is the spice of life). It is all about fun. It is all about beauty

I bought these plums because when I saw them I was captivated by their color, shape and the soft glow of their skin. Unluckily, they are totally insipid. When my mother ate a piece last evening she said: those who buy these plums once, won´t buy them again. But I don´t mind their lack of flavor, because they are a treat for the eyes and this red brightens the table

hen I heard the previous comment I said a tiny prayer of gratitude for the little miracles and favors, for the red plums that make us open our eyes again and awaken to the joy of living. For the green avocados and the yellow bananas, the farmers and the markets, the rain and the sun and all those who contribute to give a new minute of joy to my mom

nd also, for the whispering voice that tells me to be in search for little pretty things


Jeanne said...

Such beautiful colors and know this adds so much to the lives of your mother and brother. Also adds alot to yours knowing you are contributing so much added meaning!

Pieces of Sunshine said...

A wonderful way to approach life for beauty and spice you will find when you look. Lovely to hear it recognised from your mother.

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