DAY 278

life is gentle

My mother used to say that to me, and the words came to my mind when I was taking this photo

She told me that when she was very young, every time she had a bad experience (she lived a war so you can imagine her youth was not that easy) she wished to be dead but afterwards, when situation returned to normal and she started a life as a young wife and mother, even when she had to face up very hard experiences, she never said this again: she was afraid her wish could come true, because along the years, regardless the hard times, she had discovered that life was gentle

I paid attention to this story as I always paid attention to my mom´s stories (yes, I was that kind of girl) but I didn´t really understood what she 
wanted to say. But now, after dealing with complicated personal experiences, when I am facing a historic moment which -in my opinion- is actually the most challenging moment that my generation has had to live ever before, I am starting to feel what she felt

Looking back, I can see that my mother went through her complicated life successfully, keeping her good sense, thanks to the mentioned belief that in her case was deeply related to the enjoyment of simple things

Somehow, my own path has led me to confirm her statement and even when my process has been completely different as I´ve been consciously trying to heal my life, I think she sowed this good seed in my mind and it showed itself to be a good foundation

Now I usually say the same phrase that my mother taught me long ago, and when I say it, I really mean it


Introverted Art said...

wow, I always am amazed about people who lived through such horrible moments such as war and famine and how resilient we can be to survive it and go on, happy.

La Dolce Vita said...

I personally feel that our mothers were more resilient than us and could take in so much because hard times and a series of unfortunate incidents made them strong ...as for me, somehow I feel that my life, although it has ups and downs, compared to my mother, is not that tough...It is said in our tradition that more you burn gold, the shinier it becomes..the life experiences each of us face in our lives, although different from each other, makes us stronger.

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