DAY 241

The old saying says, curiosity killed the cat

This means sometimes is better let the things that we don´t know stay that way, but I think a strong desire to know or learn something is always good, even when perhaps we can end up discovering things that are not so pleasant

This usually happens when we start to go into inner work in depth, because if we want to heal we will have to look through our past, revise our dearest beliefs, ask ourselves about our emotions and attitudes and face up truths underlying our lives... truths that are not always flattering and can be not easy to bear, either

Many times along my own process I have felt like the proverbial cat, wishing not to have explored certain fields or issues. But this sort of inner excavation entails dealing with our shadows in order to learn to recognize our light

Since I was a little girl I have listened my old relatives saying that often is better not to know. However as time has gone by, I´ve realized that is better to look at life directly, rather than furtively, even when this can entail some amount of pain. Because, in the long term accepting lies and secrets, or simply pretending that life is (or was) different than it really is can darkens everything around us

In a sense, positive curiosity is a healing force because it helps as to carry out inquiries into our lives and stories so as to establish the truth about them. Indeed the passion to know, to understand and to see for ourselves is the foundations of any personal journey in search of fulfillment and clarity

Curiosity won´t kill us. In any case, it will kill that part of us who doesn´t love the truth and by doing it, will allow us to be sincere, passionate and stunningly authentic

this or that thursday: curiosity

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Jeanne said...

Lots of wisdom in this, and so true. Sometimes the stories that we have are barely recognizable, as we just accept that "this is the way it is". Can be very surprising when we discover where our "beliefs" have come from. Lovely blog Zena. Will be watching you. Also, love this photo of your explorative kitty!

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