DAY 186


When life starts to be too serious, your mood starts to be too strict and you´re not able to allow deviation or relaxation

When your behave starts to be extremely severe and you can´t help following rules and belief exactly and even fanatically, and you are discovering yourself being excessively concerned with irrelevant things and losing your flexibility

When you feel that you won´t be able to bend without breaking, and you´re not able to change readily to meet new circumstances and you don´t permit yourself to change to become better suited to your environment

When persons around you start to have the feeling that they are restricted due to your attitude and they believe that sharing their time with you somehow deprive them of their freedom or joy

When you start to understand that you won´t stand this sense of false transcendence, the need of control and the anxiety it causes... it´s time to listen to that tiny inner voice that whisper softly, yet clearly: you are born to claim serenity, to practice weightlessness, to live with nimbleness and charm and to go with the flow graciously

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