DAY 185

my camera and me (a love story)

When I look around through the lens of my camera, I find things that usually go unnoticed, things that I am not able to perceive sometimes because my everyday life is too hectic, so I can´t take time to notice subtle details, and often, because my mind is not only busy, but also filled with preconceptions about what is important and what is not.

So, it allows me to:

find beauty in the ordinary things

realize the magnificence of life itself without additives or adornments

marvel at the unexpected appearance of things

become immerse in unknown places of my inner scenery

become aware of my uniqueness

claim my feelings

develop reverence

In short, it helps me to stay in touch with the present moment, to keep things in perspective and also, to represent them in a way that is true to my inner self

Somehow, my camera mends my vision and makes it wider and due to this reason, it complements my inner work. I had started a healing process which included changing the way I look to world and life before I started to take photos, but I have discovered that this is an awesome way to go into it in deep and reinforcing its results. So now photography is part of my daily practice, indeed is a sort of meditation

And as any other form of meditation, it helps me to look at things carefully and also, to focus my mind for self-consciousness purposes; it enhances my energy, develops my intuition and provides a sense of peace and joy. How couldn´t I love my camera?...

I am starting a 52 weeks project with a flickr group. This means I will taking a weekly photo with them, sharing a common theme. This my contribution to the first week


Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

How could you not love your camera then?! Though I amnot an excellent photographer, I have always loved taking pictures, always. And my Journal and I have a love connection and healing connection, too! Isn't it grand to have something like this? Some people don't...or maybe never do... Peaceful Sunday to you!

Molly said...

I found your blog via Flickr. I LOVE this post - and while I do not have this relationship with my camera (yet) it is the reason why I began an interest in photography. I want to learn to slow down and appreciate the beauty around me. I think your posts might help me learn to do that. Thanks so much for sharing!

Jeanne said...

A wonderfull benefit of photography

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