DAY 169

"Who looks outside, dreams.
Who looks inside, awakens."

Carl Jung

Somehow, this quote  has ruled past years of my life

As I am an introvert person, I´ve been highly connected to my inner world since I was a young girl, but it hasn´t been till these recent years that I have learned to make a positive use of this attribute

When I started to be more and more interested in the spiritual world, I discovered that I was good at reasoning, at the process of identifying my emotions and even at intuition, but I wasn´t so good at acknowledgement. Indeed, I wasn´t able to fully accept what my mind, my sentiments and mainly my soul were telling me. So I had to cultivate a more trusting attitude

Indeed, I have learned to use thoughts, emotions and insights in the correct proportions and also, to put in a steady position the force of my mind, which can start to use a illogical logic so easily, and need to be placated; the impact of my emotions which can be overwhelming and need to be well managed and the power of my soul which can be paradoxical, but need to be reinforced

Nowadays, I understand that the distribution of the weight of this three elements in order to ensure stability, must be not only different than it was before, but also dynamic and changeable depending on circumstances. And I admit that in this, so to speak, psycho-spiritual dance, my eternal and beautiful soul must be the leader

Of course this hasn´t happened from one day to the next. I have made a constant work (indeed it still is a work in progress) along the latest years consisting of meditating, learning to deal with my own energy, starting new practices, healing the past, focusing on the present, giving up expectations and so on...

This work 
itself is very interesting and rewarding. Apart from this, it demands and produces (I am sure this sounds strange but this is my experience) complete confidence. This faith is the most amazing gift that I have ever received

I still don´t know where my life will go, but now I trust it completely

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Fiona Jones said...


Your words and pictures always fill me with hope for my own spiritual journey...Hope you're having a good weekend...x

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