DAY 146

love versus attachment

Before coming to my mom´s house I was talking to some of my students about their practical. They explained me the strategies they were using in order to deal with a collective which suffers mental diseases and the difficulties they were facing when it comes to stay tranquil, regardless their behavior

After analyzing methodically their responses to different circumstances, they concluded that what they were doing was bring to a normal estate extraordinary or uncommon situations. Indeed, their reasoning was quite pertinent and I felt very glad, because it showed a great ability to adapt and excellent professional competences

I don´t know exactly why, along our seminar, we tackled the attachment issues, but the thing is that we came to the conclusion that they don´t permit us (either if we are professionals dealing with sick people or common persons caring a relative) to normalize the process that those persons are living

I didn´t know at that precise time, that my mother´s situation could bring back this conversation to my memory, but it happened. Yesterday night, when I went to bed I returned to it and I saw its relevance

Of course an affectionate relationship is basic in order to help the person who is ageing, but our fondness shouldn´t prevent us to let the person be just who is at this exact moment. It´s essential that we be able to permit them to flow with their own life

It can be not easy to let go the person they used to be (the person we love, our old acquaintance), but this will give us a great gift: the chance of welcoming a new way to be connected with each other...

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Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

Very thought provoking... Interesting take.

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