DAY 142

I´ll go wherever life will take me

Lately, I have talked about making changes and about creating new routines in order to make more room for the things I love in my life (and also to enjoy more the things I have to do compulsory, most of which I truly love, like teaching, taking care of my house, paying attention to my family and so on but lost their charm when I am overwhelmed)

Curiously, I haven´t stated explicitly -although the idea is implicit in all my writings- what is the heart of all this seeking and what I really –and specifically- wish for my future. Thanks to wishcasting Wednesday, I am considering this question today…

There are so many things related to my current need to grow, evolve, move forward, create, explore, live fully, embrace, develop my talents, heal, show compassion, give a response to this life using my soul voice, walk consciously, be gentle, accept my gifts, experience spiritual connection...

But if I have to give only a brief declaration today of the main point of what I am looking for, I would say: 

I simple wish for a better capacity for flow with my true nature

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