DAY 141

back to work

After two weeks sick, I am taking up again my working routine. This means hectic schedule, many classes and lots of papers to check; never ending meetings and limited time for eating. And also seminars with my students where I can laugh and enjoy teaching...

Nevertheless, I´ve made a note to myself, in order to remember all the things I´ve been thinking about lately:

I would like to be punctual when I come in, but also when I go out

I am going to program my appointments to have plenty of time to make a little break between them

I want to be up to date with my tasks so I´ll try to concentrate on the most pressing and important issues

I won´t accept new challenges that are time´s thieves

I will bring my midmorning snack and lunch from home, homey food can mend a bad day

I want to keep my faith in what I do and what I believe my work and university should be

I will be patient and gentle

I won´t get involved in not rewarding tasks that ruin my hopes and mood

I will cultivate my assertiveness but I won´t forget my empathy

I´ll try to complain less and construct more

I would like to focus on the positive side of my functions, lately I´ve been feeling a bit disappointed with my work, but I know that negativity is not the answer

I am not going to fight battles that lead me to nowhere

I´ll try not to be hypercritical

I´m going to drink fresh water

I am not going to infringe my boundaries: emotional ease and physical health are important

I will make my best to preserve my energy, I don´t want to end up exhausted every single day

I will give thanks for all the good things that I have at work

I won´t forget a book to read while I travel by tram

I would like to preserve my kindness regardless the atmosphere, roughness can be infectious

I´ll speak with my own voice

1 comment:

Fiona Jones said...

Sending good wishes....your words always inspire me....x

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