DAY 132

the art of resting

We live in a society that seems to think that having a good rest is a waste of time

This is a terrible reinforce for those of us whose frames of mind are oriented to achievement. Paradoxically we also live in a society that makes constant speeches about wellbeing, integral self-care and equilibrium... but quite often, this means more work, more obligations and a gateway to a even more hectic life.  Indeed, this is a determining factor which can move us to make and achieve more, and more, and more, and not a balancing factor

We seek constant challenge and we struggle to do more and when we want to relax, we just have to do even more. We usually end up with a never-ending list of activities that must be completed in order to feel happy, fulfilled, successful, healthy, fit and beautiful... and no one seems to know that the only thing we need to do is to slow down and pause for breath

Hiatuses are vital if we don´t want our body to break down under the strain caused by overloaded of tasks. But this simple solution seems not to be good enough to us: how are we going to define (and appreciate) ourselves if we are not doing anything?

At least, it has not been good enough to me at all... till this week. But the restorative power of rest (as I have realized) is undeniable, it does help us to improve health and  recoup balance

Obviously, I am talking of true repose. I am talking about setting aside time for resting, time for slumber and naps. Time for a true relief from all our activities. Time for ease life and leisure, for calmness and peace... time for tranquility and solace... 

I´ve been letting my many obligations infringe on my respite time but the flu has placed it in the right position,  and now I can see how wrong I was. So please, don´t do like me, don´t wait to be ill to practice the forgotten art of resting

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