DAY 99

messages from the universe

This journey is wonderful, and amazing and interesting, but from time to time I discover myself having the same behave that I used to have long ago. Is like my neurones go mad and I start to give old responses to current situations, responses that indeed don´t embody the person I am today

Of course, this happens when I feel stressed or anxious or when I am dealing with emotional material, this kind of responses that are usually a conditioned reaction constructed when I was much younger against shocking stimuli, must be recorded in my most ancient brain (the one who is clever enough to decide  whether I will move into fight or flight but can be also a bit reactive)

Long ago this drove me crazy and obviously, this only made the situation worse because an upset mood only can trigger new reactions, but now I try to identify the presence of some of this reactions. However, this is not as easy as may appear because I am acting mechanically so instead of trying to recognize them, I try to pay attention to some of their symptoms, like some words of my inner dialogue which indicate that I am not truly centered (even when it seems to be so)

Once I understood that, I have found much more easier stop and be back to my center. Of course, I can´t do it in one go, but I have learnt to do it step by step.

This is what I do:

 I take a deep breath

I recite a mantra

I stop doing the frenzied activities that I usually do when I am anxious

I take time for solitude and silence and I await for guidance that surely will arrive, though I never know how it will do it... maybe because guidance comes in all formats

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