DAY 98

steps to overcome disorganization

Since I´ve started this journey, almost every single day I am worried about keeping my vision and a global perspective -which indeed is basic in order to stay true to myself and to my purpose- and I also make an effort to walk gently and stay focused on the little details because I think that they are the stuff that life is made of

But sometimes, I lose sight of procedures (and/or abilities) that I need in order to keep my ordinary life in working order. After reflecting on this carefully, I have found out that it´s not easy to me deal with passion and duties, inspiration and routines, order and emotions, my soul needs and my everyday life -which is equally important- at the same time

Regarding this issue, organization and an adequate time managing, seem to be the key. Here are a few things that I can´t forget if I want to stay organized and -consequently- integrate great doses of what nurtures my soul into my daily life:

Daily "To-Do" lists which must be right balanced (making room for my inner life, family life, work etc.)

Keeping my timetable updated

Respecting my schedule

Avoiding procrastination

Setting priorities

Eliminate unnecessary activities and trivial tasks

Being aware of interruptions

Don´t take on too much

Taking breaks

Rewarding myself with extra free time (to be honest, I don´t like very much calendars)

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