DAY 534

making a happy come-back

After a whole month of checking my students´ papers, dealing with tons of administrative tasks and after publishing their grades, I am slowly trying to be back to a more exhaustive way to develop my inner work.

I haven´t been totally far away from my daily practice and that´s the reason right now I feel tired but not as exhausted as previous academic courses, although I haven´t had time to do most of the things I usually do. In fact, I have been developing a simpler version of it that hasn´t included sharing my thoughts here, but it has been enough to keep the balance.

But now that I am a bit more relaxed, my brain, my heart and my soul are claiming the peace that this inner work provides me.

I thought I would take it easy because I felt that I needed to rest. This week my creativity has seemed to be asleep and I´ve been feeling totally drained, but once I started to check my latest photos in order to write this post I realized that I am fully ready to restart.

That´s great because means that I have internalized the abilities and routines to do such thing. So here I am. It hasn´t been easy to keep this blog updated along this first semester of the year, but summer will give me the chance to refresh it and to start new projects.

Hope all is well with all you. Thanks for your patience and as always, thanks for reading.

Much Love,



Optimistic Existentialist said...

So glad you are able to discover that spark again after seeing those photos :)

Becs said...

Welcome back! Love this image - it looks like a painting. Looking forward to seeing your new projects. :)

Cathy H. said...

We all need to sit back and rest at times. Good to see you back. Lovely image!

Jeanne said...

Sometimes we do just need a break and time of renewal!

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