DAY 365+66

come and sit here with me

I hadn´t remembered that April would bring the flowering of the beautiful jacaranda trees till I saw wonderful mauve carpets covering lanes and roads 

I´ve arrived to this seat while I was wandering with my camera, 
walking on layers and layers of aromatic flowers, 
trying not to step on them if not necessary
It´s the same bench I have seen so many times, yet different

This is a quiet and beautiful place, 
the smell is dense and sweet, 
the earth is still damp due to spring´s downpours 
and the fallen tree leafs of fichus gleam like gold 

The light still shines even when it´s late in the evening
and the ivy goes across the soil sinuously

Come and sit here with me. There is a path. Where it will lead us, I am not sure
It´s luminous and goes through the scented flowers, the fertile land, the yellowish and withered vegetation and the growing plants 

It´s maybe my path, your path. The path wich goes through our gifts and talents, the territory of life, the compost made by joy and suffering, the fruitful seeds of love... 
and gets into the unknown territory of contentment

Inhale with me the rich (even voluptuous) air. Inhale with me the spring, the warm light of the end of the day, the patches of color, the smell of an evolving world 

And now exhale with me the pain and the anger, sadness and frustration which the subtle wind will dispel. E
xhale with me the story, the past, the lies, the sense of not being enough

 Open your eyes, and you will see, like me, just a what reality offers. You will see, like me, just a little jacaranda flower beautifully illuminated by the latest sun rays

And you will realize, like me, that you simply are in the right place

Walk and Click Wednesday


Karen @ away for the weekend said...

This is lovely - both photos and words. I really did breathe in and out and the flowers smell beautiful.

Wifsie said...

Just what I needed this morning as we watch the events in Boston. A reprieve, a reminder. Thank you!

Rebecca said...

It would be so beautiful to sit there with you and those soft petals falling all around.

bettyl said...

A lovely series of shots. I think this would be a wonderful place to sit and relax a while.

Barbara Schwartz said...

Funny. I just emailed you about not receiving your posts via email and there you were as a scrolled down. I think that's the first time. Your writing is so poetic and your photos are wonderfully soothing.

Carole M. said...

I also love it when the jacarandas are in flower; here that is just ahead of Christmas. They have a memorable 'musky' scent ...

Nina said...

How beautiful post ,.. Your pictures, your words ... Thank you for the moment by the bench with you!

Barb said...

I've enjoyed this meditation on presence. Your photography makes me feel as though I'm with you on the path by the bench. However, here in CO, it's been snowing, so I'm seeing white instead of purple.

Aga Gasiniak said...

Thank you for sharing your path.

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