DAY 365+24

about my odd Xmas mood

I´ve been going over Christmas posts along the whole month. After each reading I have felt the urgency of doing things but it was  like a flickering flame that didn´t last because my determination was not strong enough and my actions were not compelling, but erratic

So finally I accepted that I didn´t want to celebrate a classy Christmas this year and also that my mood was not oriented to complicated preparations. And although I love amazing checking lists and terrific decorations I decided to give myself permission to take it easy

I didn´t go through all the boxes I have with Christmas objects, I did not write Chisrmas cards, I didn´t  look for new plates, candles or recipes. I only went shopping on Sunday morning and bought a few gifts. I went to the supermarket on Monday morning, with no plan in mind and I brought home what I found more appealing. In fact, I started to think about the Christmas meal along the Christmas eve

I left expectations aside and enjoy what every single minute was offering and guess what!, it was the most perfect day. Maybe because my contentment was not based on certain preconceived ideas about what to eat, what to wear, what to feel... I was just living and laughing and my relaxed state of mind created a simple joy that was more brilliant that the most brilliant and sparkling garland

Somehow this has been a Christmas made of patches of tradition, inventions, improvisation and lack of etiquette, it was warm and friendly, unusual, intimate and so amazingly delightful...

I am glad I´ve been strong enough to stay true to my wishes and kept simplicity by escaping from all the dramas (either they are trivial, baseless or fairly justified) that imprison my ability for enjoying the present moment as it is

And I did it, I certainly did it


Introverted Art said...

Zena, so glad you stayed true to yourself in a day where is so much pressure to be, do something. Sometimes that's what it takes to be happy: simplicity and a drama free existence.

Carolyn Dube said...

What a genius way to spend Christmas. Expectations can get in the way in a big way!

Sofia said...

The simpler the better! And spontaneous Christmas is great, too!

Aga Gasiniak said...

Your Christmas sounds so good, spontaneous and relaxing. Well done because it takes caurage to do that.

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