DAY 324

reinterpreting an old melody 

Every time I see an inter
esting window I ask myself what stories can it hide. The house is the space where the family´s play takes place, indeed, what we call home is deeply linked to our memories, and some well settled routines

When I was a girl I always dreamed about having a doll house, but I never got it (I am sure I didn´t even ask for it, so no complicated feelings about this). It was like a secret project that I developed privately, thinking of the moment that I would be able to have it. As I was a very imaginative girl, I started to realize some projects of my dreamed doll house. I made some rudimentary sketches and finally I came up with a way to represent the house in a more realistic way

I used two poster boards. I used one to draw the vertical projection of the front inner side of the house, where all the rooms were amazingly detailed. And the other poster board was used to draw the vertical projection of the front facade, with doors and windows that could be opened. And the I put the first poster board behind the other.  I expended countless hours with these projects and every house was related to a particular story that conditioned the decoration. I don´t know how many alternative lives were imagined by me, but I guess most of them were projections of my wishes for the future.

I remember asking myself: what if I change this or that detail of the house or of the story?  and how I started to re-create one depending on the changes on the other. I needed that sort of consistence so deeply...

I think that my love for finding out the existing links between psychological and real spaces, the influence of spaces on people´s mood and vice versa  comes from that ag
e. This is now part of my field of interest as a researcher (thirty odd years later!). Indeed,  I´ve investigated a lot on the educative potential of certain contexts and about how certain ways to plan and decorate spaces can make us move in certain direction 

Public and private spaces can be a statement about who we are but also about who we want to be. If we live surrounded of things that remind us what we want to achieve and we design our house to make room for the life we are dreaming of (and not for the life we are trying to leave behind) we will get an awesome fresh impetus to our dreams. Just give a try, it works

PS. In case you´re wondering if I finally got my doll house, my answer is yes!. In fact, I am working on it at this moment. And according to my previous ideas, I have planned it as a decorative treat at my house that links me to my story, my gifts and the life I want to live. And remaining faithful to my origins, I have imagined a story that makes sense: it´s the house of a bohemian spiritual seeker


Danielle said...

Yay for the dollhouse. I saw one in a thrift shop the other day....a handmade one that was just waiting for some tender love...but the price was too high for the condition. I am attracted to photo ops that have interesting windows and doors.

Introverted Art said...

I still remember the first doll house I ever saw and how I felt inside when I looked at it...like being transported to a new world.

La Dolce Vita said...

I definitely agree with you...I too have a keen eye for spaces and homes and old buildings...I try to "feel" the "aura" or the "vibe" in them...I also believe that the kind of spaces we live in influence our lives...so we should rearrange/redecorate our spaces in such a way that helps us to function in a very positive manner. For instance, I have used candles, incense sticks, images of Gods/idols, flowers, old vintage embroidered clothes, colorful and cute cushions, etc...to bring a "good easygoing vibe" in my home. You can take a look at the label {in my blog's right sidebar} under the title "my room" to get a feel of what I am writing.
Anyway, thank you for sharing this post with us, it was very thoughtful of you.
As for dolls, I buy dolls even now, Look for the label "my dolls"in my blog's right sidebar , and you will see them :))
have a nice day !

Anonymous said...

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