DAY 259


a couple of icecream´s teaspoonful

a nice new bowl (has anyone else -apart from me- an obsession with bowls?)

polka dots placemat

a stool and a tidy table

two sweet kitties loafing around




half free hour to enjoy this moment quietly

mind, heart (and camera) ready to capture the essence of the day


Life can be hectic, and can seem unfair sometimes. It´s indeed hard, but there is always something unique (that often doesn´t depend on economic or social privileges but on appreciation) which rescues us from the sense of oppression and brings back the sense of purpose

Things like that help us to balance our vision by providing us a sweetest perspective. Through this little gifts and pleasures we realize that life is also interesting, appealing and marvelous

favourite photo monday: simple pleasure


Introverted Art said...

I have an obsession with china... all white. Same thing with towels and bed sheets: white. Don;t know why, but I love to sleep on white sheets.

La Dolce Vita said...

I agree, happiness lies in the simple pleasures and little everyday moments.

Ewa said...

now I want Ice cream :))
great photo !

Jeanne said...

So important to see these little , but so important, moments!

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