DAY 247

atlas of my soul´s territories

I wanted to break the shell that has been my shield

and go outside and shout and scream

but I didn´t know exactly how to do it

I spoke with my own voice 

ut it seemed to be rusty,

my words came out dressed up as silence

and no one seemed to be able to hear me...

I spoke  through the wind´s music,

the subtle movement of a sunflower

and the unknown language of the clouds or ladybugs

but no one seemed to be able to understand me...

I tried to vocalize my sentiments

but were soundless 

I had so many things to say,

words were exploding inside me

and I felt totally voiceless

but no one seemed to notice it...

maybe because I had many alien talks on loan

And suddenly, I discover shapes, figures and colors

and alphabet, and writing

A new language was born

and it started to tell the stories that should be told

It created complex and intricate worlds where my true self could explore, evolve, even bloom 

and the inner words found a channel to flow,

first secretly,

later on, little by little, more openly

nd some people started to listen to me...

t has taken me half a life to arrive here
but I love deeply this place

what I love wednesday: my journey


OneMommy said...

What a beautiful and deeply moving piece!

It speaks volumes to me; sounds so familiar.
So glad you stopped by my blog and I returned the visit and found this ~

Sandra said...

I love the image of your shell - so symbolic and the words it inspires you to write. I have a special affinity with shells and especially now as I have just returned from a holiday by the sea.
Your creamy-coloured shell is especially beautiful.

Zhen_77 said...

Many thanks for this mensje so beautiful. Full of love, understanding and acceptance. I think it is the duty of each one of us, remembering our own language with which we can express ourselves freely, where there is no restriction to the feelings or thoughts.

Introverted Art said...

Your words are so deeply insightful. The shell has such symbolism... it s amazing to see such expression of self, of feelings, of thoughts.

Fiona Jones said...

So beautiful...I love your words....x

Fiona Jones said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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