DAY 243

the afternoon snack

was a daily routine throughout my childhood years. When I was a child,

every time I came back home from school my mother was waiting for me with my afternoon snack prepared. It could be just a tiny bread with an ounce of chocolate and half glass of milk; a sandwich, some biscuits or a piece of cake and my milk with a dash of coffee; a piece of fruit or even a French toast, it depended on the day but I never came home and didn´t find my afternoon snack served on the kitchen table

No matter how chaotic our lives could be, my mother was there, day after day trying to create room for peace and happy memories with her pretty plates and lovely tablecloths

Of course, this is supposed to be what a mother have to do, and this is what every child expects, but life can be complicated and now I understand that the caring attitude of my mother made a great difference in my life. Amid all the confusion created by my early experiences, it was a permanent point of reference that added some emotional stability which worked as a sort of counterweight and gave me balance

Even during my worst moments, when I wasn´t understanding at all the purpose of the life I was living and why I had to live it, or when I started to acknowledged the deep impact that my life was having on me and I decided to mend it or later on, when I put myself in a new place inside my family and I began this healing journey, till today, my mother´s love has been beyond all doubt

Maybe, because she was there those afternoon, awaiting, folding a serviette, ready to listen... because she was brave enough, strong enough, to stay

this photo is part of the 52 weeks project I am sharing with this group, the theme of this week is "white"


Introverted Art said...

I find amazing how we always find solace in these little moments in life, of routine, of knowing...

Tattered Rose said...

You are so fortunate to have had a Mother that was ALWAYS there for you and cared so much.

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