DAY 236

ups and downs

Much inner work has been done, but I am still fighting for understanding and compassion and against my prejudices about life cycles. I am dealing with it and I truly believe that I am mastering the art of being present, but from time to time I escape from reality and I find myself in a not so sweet place, slipping into negation... again 

When I am too tired and busy, or I am too concerned by problems related to some important issues, I am not able to keep in time with my soul and my restless mind starts to go through the old files and to behaves the old way. It´s hard to wake up one day and discover that suddenly I am unwilling to fully accept life as it is and have the feeling that my heart has been seized by doubt

I know well that resistance is not the answer, it makes peace vanishes. I know that there is beauty in every bend of my path, even in the most painful ones. I know that I have to permit life to unfold freely and let go my need of control. And even so, sometimes I find difficult to bow down to my destiny 

When this happens I return to nature, to the tiny and simple, things, to the basic practices. I focus on my everydayness with gentleness and I connect with the gracious harmony that pervades this existence from which any quietness comes... once again

diptych made for the 52 weeks projects that I am sharing with this group. These photos were taking while I was in search for some peace of mind

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