DAY 228


This photo has made me think about all the things that still frighten me.

About the above mentioned fragility of life, living beings and this world´s balance. But also, about

my own vulnerability

inescapable weakness linked to ageing

indifference and cruelty of those who don´t appreciate the uniqueness of life

blindness and lack of perspective that prevent us to be aware of the high impact we can have on our context

vanity and arrogance of persons who think they are the center of the universe, when indeed, it has multiple centers

lack of compassion and selfishness produced by our individualism

our ignorance in relation to the real nature of things

the repeated rejection of our interdependence

the deep-seated contempt for spiritual side of life

our banality and irresponsibility, indolence and apathy, when we should feel amazed, lucky, grateful...

And once and again, I´ve been thinking that maybe we are too good at escapism and unconcern, too good at being excessively absorbed in ourselves. In fact, we are the heir of those who survived thanks to these abilities, and sometimes I afraid we won´t be able to break off this vicious circle

But then, I have looked backwards at all my life and at the moment I took this photo and I started this unfinished reflection and I understood that no destiny is unshakeable...

flower art friday: vulnerable


LeAnne said...

I totally get these fears...Food for thought here. Your image expresses fragility perfectly and I'm so glad you shared it with us at Flower Art Friday.

Donna Heber said...

A wonderful post and photo for fragility. We all have fears, but it is whether or not we want to acknowledge them. Thank you for stopping to visit me.

Andrea Dawn said...

I am currently facing the inescapable weakness linked to aging and I so can relate to your flower titled "fragility". Beautiful work.

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