DAY 214

we are never too old to play

Never too old to dance, to joke and fantasize 

Never too old to imagine, to develop our curiosity and sing a song loudly 

Never too old to blow bubbles, laugh and feel free

Never too old to have fun, feel a sense of amazement and be carefree 

Never too old to dream, to be creative and use our senses 

Never too old to believe in magic, to have a lighthearted mood and a vivacious mind 

Never too old to let our most fanciful side in charge of our life 

Never too old to use cheerfully our whole self as we engage in the world each day 

I am sharing a 52 weeks projects with this group, this week´s theme is toys. Since I read the group assignment I realized that I didn´t feel like taking just a photo of an object. I wanted to be part of it as I´ve been exploring my own playfulness and spontaneity as part of my inner work lately. So this has been also a sort of practical exercise, so to say, and it did me a lot of good 


La Dolce Vita said...

Yes, we should be never too old for anything ! I agree.
Since I embraced spiritualism, my life has become more beautiful and every day I am getting older, yet wiser, I believe !
take care,
{from India}

Leanne said...

I agree, never too old to play, vert cute teddy & nice photo.

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