DAY 211

cherished memories

"I was taught from childhood of the sanctity of food. Not a piece of bread could be thrown away without kissing it and raising it to one's eyes as with all things holy"

Attia Hosain

My mother taught me this too and my husband´s mother taught him the same, so we still kiss our bread before thrown it away

I appreciate very much this teaching that holds a whole philosophy of life and a particular conception of the world which is focused on the sacred importance of everyday things

This simple gesture (full of an amazing innocence and an almost lost wisdom) is, moreover, a way to stay connected to gratitude, kindness and respect

1 comment:

Sandra said...

How nice to kiss the bread as a sign of respect.
When I have picked flowers in vases and they finally droop and shrivel up, I always give them a kiss to thank them for their beauty and their willingness to come into my home for a while before I put them in the compost container.

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