DAY 209

calm after the storm (so to say)

When the heat wave and my migraine subsided, I started to feel, of course, a great relief but also, a sweet tranquility and a sparkling joy. It was like I was looking at my life for the very first time and I found it so interesting and rewarding

Waking up Sunday morning was a tiny epiphany, a moment of great and sudden revelation:

I realized the stunning light which was coming through the windows, the silence only interrupted by the strokes of the clock in front my house, the fresh air in the kitchen, the shrill of the kettle, warning about the boiling water, the savor of a  delicious cup of tea (the first one in four days)

I drank it calmly, while in the bedroom, husband and kitties were sleeping like angels. I went for another one and ate a couple of simple cookies.

I sang softly  to myself: what a wonderful life!


lisa. said...

This indeed sounds like a perfect morning to me!

Catherine Denton said...

Glad you're feeling better! I know that realization of all the good in life when coming out of sickness.
Catherine Denton

Shalini said...

I love the way you look at things....it's not only so positive, but also so beautiful. It really IS the way to live life.

ps: your photos are absolutely stunning.

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