DAY 195

love can flower once and again

At mom´s home flowers and sweets are everywhere these days, but I haven´t been able to capture the atmosphere. We have also enjoyed a pretty good celebration this Sunday, but most of my photos don´t reflect its uniqueness.
  I´ve been so emotionally shocked that I haven´t been quiet enough to focus on photography but every single moment will be etched on my memory... in particular, when I kissed my mom goodnight and she told me: I didn´t believe I could deserve such a wonderful tribute 

Indeed, it was simply a very nice, and well planned, lunch that allowed my mom to enjoy something different now that she can´t almost walk and go outside.  I am so glad we (my eldest brother, my sister in law and me) decided to organize it, because it has told my mother how much we love her, in a way that I had never imagined she could appreciate so much. As 
the old proverb says, a timely kind act can change a whole life 

...We give many things for granted along our lives, we don´t suppose time will pass so very fast and we live postponing, thinking that we will be able to make up for lost time but we won´t: the time is now. 

1 comment:

Sandra said...

Yes, the time is now, it's only ever the time there is! I love your opening flower capture!

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