DAY 193

allegedly imperfect

As I´ve already said I am developing a 52 weeks project. I am sharing this project with a group and this week´s theme is flowers. This group challenges us to upload new photos and not to use only pictures from our archives. As I don´t want to be overburdened with a very complicated task, I want to publish only one original picture every week, not more. However, I have to take many of them to select just one. To tell you the truth, I am not sure that this really simplifies the process (I can be so very indecisive!), but certainly, this is making it more interesting.

I´ve been paying attention to the flowers all week long (another benefit of this project), trying to capture what I see and mainly, enjoying their beauty. I have now lots of them: they are either tiny and modest or exuberant; bright and colorful or subtle and pure; exotic or humble and shy. I don´t even know the name of some of them, and I have a few nice takes, but finally, I decided to edit and publish this one. And of course, my selection speaks volumes about who I am... and not only about my aesthetic orientation

And what does it say? Let me tell you:

I truly believe that beauty is an inner quality that has nothing to do with age, shape, or any other preconceived characteristic. It´s all about the combination of some unforeseen elements that create a pleasing and charming effect

I have struggled hard to see perfection in things that are allegedly imperfect, and I have discovered that this is a source of the constant amazement which precedes joy

I have come to terms with myself: I am going to try to walk with ease my own path, living in harmony with what it is

No matter if I would imagined this moment was going to be more easy, less painful, different... I am determined to live it anyway, I won´t escape. I will accept the inevitable and -depending on circumstances- I will fight if necessary. But in any case, I´ll try to keep my dignity

Life unfolds freely and beautifully from a stage to the following. I am sure that every one contains a treasure, a gift, an opportunity even when any of them can be potentially adverse or delightful. Indeed, I have realized that it´s like a never ending (and awesome) sequence of steps and movements and the only thing I can do is dance in unison with the stunning energy which goes through everything


Sandra said...

Going with the flow of life... Perfect! Just like this flower entering another stage of life. We can learn everything from nature... we just need to tune in to her message which is ever-present all through the seasons.

Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

Love this post. Crossing all of life's bridges, with dignity, inner strength and beauty, taking what comes... Yes, I like this very much. I like the positive in this, too! I feel in this same path...

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