DAY 174

Things I know for sure

Life is cyclical:  nothing lasts for ever, all things (good or bad) will pass and they will give way to new ones

This existence demands leaps of faith

When I refuse to learn a lesson, it will come back once and again

I don´t need to wait for the perfect moment, every moment is perfect its own way

I am wiser than I realize

If I don´t know what to do, it´s time to ask for guidance

Accepting help makes me stronger

Creativity heals

Being grateful is the best attitude to deal with life. Indeed, attitude is everything

Spirituality is not incompatible with everyday life, on the contrary, we become more and more spiritual when we learn to see the Spirit everywhere, even inside us

Little things help to go through life

If I strive to use adjectives to describe my experiences, I loose the opportunity to understand their true nature and meaning

Expectations and attachment don´t lead me to a good place

I create my own life, not only because intentions are important but also because I have the power to decide how I look at life. Positive thoughts do really make a difference

Everything is easier when I simply go with the flow, but this is the hardest thing for me to do. However, little by little I am learning to do it

Uniqueness is good, I don´t have to look for homogeneity in order to be beautiful, accepted or even, desirable

Silence feeds my soul

When I stay true to myself, my life unfolds beautifully

A compassionate mood helps to make the world a better place to live in

Every soul is walking an unique path and fighting the battles which needs in order to learn, grow and evolve,

When I decrease my judgments and increase my kindness, I contribute to raise the spiritual energy of this planet

There is a underlying purpose in all lives, including mine. A master plan which could lead to a better, awakened, version of ourselves


Kathy, PaperPumpkin said...

Wow. I will have to read and reread this again and again. I love this healing list, all written down. A good thing! I believe in these, and have even said some of them, almost like a montra lately. This too shall pass. Go with the flow. One day at a time. Gratitude. Positive thoughts push out negative ones. Create, and feel better. Healing...it happens!
Best to you. Enjoy your weekend...its almost here!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful! You have chosen words carefully and the message is at once, simple and profound. Clearly your knowledge has come from experience; of all kinds. Love to you, Joyce

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