DAY 161

giving can be fun

I used to take advantage of this time of the year to rest, stay at home and keep updated with my personal tasks but till last year I am spending part of my Easter´s holidays at my mom´s house

Along the years, I  have learnt a lot about setting boundaries. It can sounds paradoxical, but I have the feeling that this learning is helping me now when I have to hand over my time and give up some of my needs (I love so much having an entire week without a precise timetable!)

I am observing that people around me who -according to my point of view- haven´t got well settled boundaries, usually have problems when the time to give comes. I think that it can happen because when we let other have our time systematically, we are prone to try to save some time for us and quite often, we do this in the wrong occasion or with the weaker person or the less demanding which is totally unfair

But as I am much more balanced than in the past, I am not having big problems on this matter. I feel that this period of my life is showing me the reverse of my learning about boundaries, which is its exact opposite, and completes it

Of course, I am still making concessions in order to be useful but I am doing it without abandoning my own center and this is making a great difference. And because the underlying motivation has changed I am experiencing this in a totally new -and much more rewarding- way

I have moved from a place where I felt a victim (or a martyr) to a place where I feel empowered, and I am discovering that indeed, there is a great joy in giving...

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