DAY 128

being fierce in the softer side of life

I would describe myself as someone who is fierce -understood as intense, strong and relentless- in many fields of my life. So much so that I have to be very careful, because I can go beyond fierceness and start to be obsessive and tireless (in the worst meaning of the word). According to this, part of my inner work has been aimed at balancing this intensity, since it´s mainly focused on what I think are my duties, and not on my true wishes

At the very beginning I found it very hard (I can see a lot of myself in such intensity... ) but once I understood that I could change the focus of this forcefulness to a more delicate and subtle -yet real- view of life, it started to be easier

So when I first read this week Wishcasting Wednesday question: where do you wish to be fierce?,  
an immediate response came to my mind:

I am fierce in doing the right thing. I am fierce in accepting responsibilities, making decisions and trying to make a good work. I am fierce in defending justice. I am fierce in caring of those I love. I am fierce in being in charge. I am fierce in being methodic, analytic and perfectionist. I am fierce in being self-demanding and serious. I am fierce in being reliable...

I wish to be fierce in clarity and  serenity
I wish to be fierce in keeping an open heart and a open mind

I wish to be fierce in passion, laugh, spontaneity and playfulness
I wish to be fierce in being true to myself as a whole being

I wish to be fierce in gentleness, kindness, patience and compassion
I wish to be fierce in taking tender care of myself

I wish to be fierce in love...


Sam said...

Wonderful wishes in fierceness! As you wish for yourself, so I wish for you!!

Sabrina S. said...

As you wish for yourself, I wish for you too.

Ingrid Rakel Maria (Goddess of Gotland) said...

That was really good. Interesting how the strong word fierce was perfectly balanced with soft words like compassion, patience etc... nicely put!

And - as you wish for yourself, I Do wish for You also.

Love and stars,

Anonymous said...

Pues me parece perfecto!! espero que lo consigas....un beso muy fuerte...


Paula - Buenos Aires said...

Awesome list.
As Zena wishes for herself, so I wish for her also.

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