DAY 110


One of the things I have learnt through my journey is to consider my home to be a sacred space. Now I know that our houses have to be not only beautiful places, but also places of inspiration which should nurture our inner being

And I am not talking about turning houses into retreat centers, I am talking about creating a place where spending time in meditation, in contemplation or in creative exploration, apart from develop our everyday life in a cozy and pleasant way

This can involve change the decoration, the space layout and our priorities but the foundations of these changes, according to my own experience, should always be the following:

Silence: keep your space free of noise pollution, minimize outer  cacophony

Order: keep your space uncluttered, find a good place for things and give back things to their respective places after using

Cleanliness: keep your space neat, initiate simple routines that allow you to do it on regular basis

Clarity: keep your space lit up, allow the natural light to flood the rooms and use many table lamps

Ventilate: keep your space freshened, open the windows as much as possible

Introduce nature inside: keep your space connected to earth, plants, pets and natural material will be your best allies

Fragrance: keep your space perfumed, scent on the linens and wardrobes, use scented oils and soft incense

Personalize: keep your space connected to your own story and tastes, expose your collections and memories beautifully, show mementos of your life and happy events

Imagination: keep your space creative, find unusual solutions to ordinary problems

Hand-made: keep your space unique, look for craft designs and if it´s possible make them yourself: restore, repurpose or alter your furniture, objects etc.

Simplicity: keep your space free of ostentation, design it to be useful, warm and nice, not to impress

Equilibrium: keep your space balanced, make room for the enjoyment of your senses, your mind and your spirit

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