DAY 70

how the New Year will be?

Before, I always asked for a quiet year, a year where nothing "wrong" or "bad" could happen, but now I know that what I used to define as "wrong" or "bad" was life itself... and I have realized that I can´t avoid them as this would mean rejecting the opportunity of living fully

So now I ask for being wise enough to deal with life as it is and for new chances to appreciate the beauty of this amazing existence

I ask for time to be quiet and go into myself in depth

I ask for being  able to take delight in this interesting times (which indeed challenge us to be aware of our inner strength) and keep on developing  my own aims

I ask for having good judgment to walk my path whereas I cherish silence and contemplation

In other words,  I ask for falling in love with my own process once and again... and again

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