DAY 42

the complex simplicity of joy

Many times we think that joy have to come from what we do or what we live. That makes our joy fluctuates depending on what happen and mainly on how can this affect our expectations. So much so that when things are not according those expectations (no matter if they are bad things or even good things), we are not able to get in touch with joy...

As we truly believe that joy must be derived from external events, and in particular from a specific quality of these events, we don´t take any responsibility for it. Indeed, regardless what we say, we don´t feel really concerned by our own joy, we see it as a consequence of our life and not as a main aim which is worth defending

This causes endless frustrations because world can´t bring us joy. In fact, true joy flows into this world from us. It comes from a feeling of inner satisfaction that has to do with serenity, peace, gratitude, compassion and the sense of being deeply connected to our lives

When we become rooted into our lives - into our wonderful, dangerous, painful and amazing lives- and we don´t hanker for other -supposedly perfect- life, we´ll discover that this other life is hidden in our current lives, we will discover the radiant joy of being here… now

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