DAY 18


Today is my mom´s birthday, she is 87 years old. I feel gratitude for lots of things related to her. Many of them have to do with my past and memories, with experiences that we´ve shared, with her role in my life or just with her own life, which has been a great source of learning 

But today I feel extremely grateful just for the chance to celebrate another birthday. She is still here, enjoys a good quality of life and lives at her own house. Today these simple, yet amazing facts, fill my heart and makes me give the most sincere thanks 

And besides this:

 she also sleeps well, she eats with great relish and is able to laugh at herself and makes jokes

She still appreciates good chocolate, fragrant cologne and talcum powder.

Her mind is sharp and she keeps her wisdom intact 

And -last but not least- she is moving forward with her eyes wide open. Sometimes this causes her great unease and affects her mood, but she is brave enough to keep on trying

I bless my mom and I honor this moment of our story which is unique and full of light, love and space to stay together in a very deep way 

here: my mother and me circa 1965

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